Exploring a wider plethora of inspired flavours of Chengdu

Flown in from Chengdu

A slice of Chengdu has arrived on Amoy Street, bringing with it the essence of the city we adore—lush, relaxed, and tranquil, with a teahouse on every shaded corner. Our cuisine and expertly crafted beverages reflect this heritage, embodying a phrase familiar to the English-speaking world. Yet, there's more to its origin, rooted deeply in Chengdu, China.

Homing in on flavours

Inspired by the idea of people flocking together as birds do. Located in hip Amoy Street, it is a restaurant & bar. Housed in two conservation shophouses, it evokes the greenery of Chengdu and its laid-back lifestyle, as well as its easy co-mingling of modern-and–historical, East-and-West. The contemporary Western cuisine it serves has a pronounced Sichuan influence; its décor is a sophisticated ensemble of Nature and high styling; together creating a place of calm and conviviality for people to relax and ‘roost.’